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The Force is with us...Always.
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:bulletgreen:*~Welcome to The Jedi Club~*:bulletgreen:
For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights where the guardians of peace and justice in the old replublic.  That was before the dark times, before the Empire.
Now, after the defeat of the empire, the Jedi no longer need to live alone, hiding.  We welcome all Jedi (even the dark) to join with us. :jedi:



:pointr:-THE SEARCH BEGINS-:pointl:

:bulletblue:The club is planning on running some new contests as well as the continuous use of the art submission system, though I think that there are many new frontiers to explore. Therefore, JediClub is currently looking for new and exciting ideas to implement into the club. If you have any cool concepts or themes for contests, or just anything you thing that could be a good contribution to the club, then drop us a comment detailing whatever it is that you have in mind.
If your idea is chosen you will be compensated accordingly.

:pointr:-RETURN BULLETIN-:pointl:

:bulletblue:For over a thousand generations...the clan has been inactive, be it because of real life problems, or just a lack of time and effort. The point is that I currently find myself with a bit more time in my hands, and because of a note someone sent me a few days ago I have decided to give the club another try and bring it back to life.

:bulletblue:Let it be said that I can't do this alone, I can put my best effort into rebuilding the club, but at the end of the day it all comes down to community support. I'm not trying to bring this club back for personal pleasure but I'm doing it for those who back in the day, and yes that was forever ago, believed in me and trusted I could make of this club an enjoyable place to share amongst us.
I hope you have not lost that belief in me, as I still have my belief in all of you, and  I hope that together we can try again to reach that goal. If it fails again, then you have the right to hate mail me all you want, but at least we can all say we tried.

Together we are strong with the force.

:bulletblue:I hope :devart: goes ahead with the club system and implements it into its interface, it would facilitate my job greatly, and make the club much more productive and fun for everyone.

:bulletblue:I also have to imform you that the credits system has been modified, as well as the art submission guidelines, a :new: referring system to earn credits, and the ranking system. You can find out about all of that and more in the sections below.

:bulletblue:One last thing, I am currently working on a new project for the club, which I will unveil as soon as I find out if there's going to be enough community involvement in the club again, so stay tuned! :)

[All "join" notes have been taken care of, you should all be in the member list, but if you don't appear on there please let me know and I'll fix it. All old and unread "submission" notes will be frozen until further notice. And those of you that have already earned credits will be taken care of very soon. Please have patience]

Thank you for your cooperation!

May the force be with you all.



:bulletgreen:*~Joining The Jedi Club~*:bulletgreen:

To join the JediClub, just send us a note with the subject "join". Also make sure to specify whether you are a dark or light follower. All new members start as either padawans or apprentices depending on their side.  Please add a link or the club's avatar somewhere on your dev page, that way you can spread the call to all the other lost jedi.


:bulletgreen:*~Credit System~*:bulletgreen:
In the JediClub, members earn credits for their community envolvement. This can be done in many ways. You can earn credits for participating in club events such as contests, by submitting artwork for the monthly art updates, or by a new referring system which I will explain below.

:bulletgreen:Contest Participation: The amount of credits you can earn in contests will be specified in the info of the event; amounts may vary from case to case.
:bulletgreen:The art submittion guidelines have been modified to allow for a more fair and even display of everyone's artwork. Every member will have a limit of 2 deviations per month. This means that at the moment you submit your artwork you should try and choose your best two pieces. The limit may be increased in the future if necessary, but until further notice don't send more than 2 pieces otherwise only the first 2 will be uploaded. Every piece you submit will earn you 100 credits.
:bulletgreen:The referring system is pretty simple. You earn credits by finding other lost jedi/sith and getting them to join the club. All you have to do is get them to include your name in the "join" note they send us. You will get 500 credits for every new member you refer.

:bulletgreen:*~Ranking System~*:bulletgreen:
The ranking system has been modified, to be more challenging and encourage the participation of members in club events and art submissions.

:bulletgreen:Padawan/Apprentice: 0 credits.
:bulletgreen:Knight: 8000 credits.
:bulletgreen:Master: 14000 credits.
:bulletgreen:Council: 20000 credits.


:bulletgreen:*~How To Submit Your Artwork~*:bulletgreen:

In order to send us your artwork for posting on the monthly art updates you must send the club a note with the subject "submission", and within the note include the link to the piece. Remember you can only submit 2 pieces per month at the moment, so choose wisely.

We accept any Jedi/Sith related artwork. Be it fan characters, lightsaber designs, fanart or prose. As long as it retains the central theme of us force sensitive creatures. ;)


:bulletred:*~Main Club Sections~*:bulletred:

*~Member List~*…
*~Credit List 01~*…
*~Credit List 02~*…
*~The Massasi Temple Chatroom~*…
*~FAQ~* [To be added soon.]

If you have any questions please send us a note, or find one of our moderators in the chatroom listed above, we'll be happy to assist you.


~Make sure to check out our latest affiliates!~

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